Hey, I'm Jess :)

The motivation for this blog came suddenly to me one day and I've rode that excitement to bring it this far (with the encouragement of friends and a few lapses haha). The only real purpose is for it to be a space to share my thoughts, insights, or cool findings, in hope someone else may find value, or in that it sparks some self reflection of your own. After all, we're all made of the same stuff.


With that intention, this blog may become somewhat of a record of me- intellectually, creatively, spiritually, poetically (kind of lol) - in my search for meaning and understanding of all the shit in life.  

I am currently studying to be a mental health and addictions counsellor. All things the mind, thoughts, motivation, emotions, the brain, sensation etc. intrigue me- but especially so in how they relate to my own experiences. There is so much power in learning about our perception, our emotions, our own consciousness, and I plan to continue to learn and then share these lessons in this space. 

If you ever want to chat about my posts, share things with me, or have questions or comments, feel free to email me at jedruppert@hotmail.com, I would love to hear any and all thoughts :)